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It's March 2011. Our grazing property, Farnham Plains, is in pristine condition following summer rain and a record-breaking flood in the Paroo River. To look this way is rare for country in this dry, parched corner of south-west Queensland. The river is full, long strands of grass wave in the late summer breeze and cattle are fat. Life is close to perfect for me, my husband, Mick, our twenty-one year old son, Sam and his partner, Krysta.

Then tragedy strikes. Sam is run over and critically injured by the propeller blades of a gyrocopter he'd purchased from his instructor, Campbell (Cam) Taylor the previous day. The propeller slices through his body causing critical head and upper body injuries. Sam's life hangs in the balance for eight days but then he succumbs to his wounds and dies.

Through the nightmare journey of inspections, reports, investigations and ultimately, an inquest into Sam's death, memories of Sam's life, our life together for twenty-one years, the love we shared and the struggles we endured for our property, 'Farnham Plains', come to the fore.

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"This story tells of a woman’s struggle to accept the death of her 21-year-old son in a shocking accident. It is a compelling tale with strong filmic elements: an engaging and resourceful young man on the cusp of decisions about the direction of his adult life; his devoted girlfriend who shows the depth of her love and loyalty; the Australian bush; an unusual machine; unanswered questions over the cause of the accident and who is to blame; but, above all, a devastated mother seeking answers." 

Brunette Lenkic

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